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Amanda and Merilyn Dorking ("Oh, I didn't know you dorked too")

So, a quick recap...

The MC rocks the house...

Not a cloud in the sky... Oh bugger, someone always has to spoil it!

"in the unlikely event of the aircraft coming down on water..." The safety briefing appears to be given the respect and attention such things usually get.

At last!

Hmm... Somewhere in this mêlée, I might see someone I recognise. Or maybe not,

Ah, if you know what to look for, you can just see Amanda, mostly obscured by a Womble (sorry, Wimbledon Windmiler). Unfortunately, I have failed to spot even a tiny sliver of Merilyn.

Note to models in future: think, "Where is the light? What is the background? Where will Steve be to take best advantage of those, so I can take up position to be nice and prominent in the photos? Otherwise he's bound to get distracted by some tart of a Clapham Chaser!"

Merilyn is clearly excited to be so close to a bald man. But hey, it's not our place to judge.

Amanda leads the pack. Pity it's not the front pack, but seriously, the front-running guys are just ridiculously fast. It's hard to get ahead of them even by taking a short cut and riding a bicycle.

She's looking a lot more serious now she hasn't got a bald guy.

How many roads must a woman run down?

"Blimey, is that the time? The pub's been open for ages!"

Running through green meadows?

No, it's an optical illusion.

The road is long...

The triumphal arch is seriously on the cheap!

Note the subtle hint for those who'd not been paying attention.

"I think my hairdresser's going to kill himself, is yours?"


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