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Woodland Woggle

An illustrated sketch of the day:

We'll start in the hut...

By the stove, I got talking to to this pretty young girl... (And her mother too! All totally above-board!)

They asked if I was an official photographer and I had to confess I was not, but I'd be taking a bunch of photos generally. If I saw her on the run I'd take her picture, but just in case, I'd take one now.

By the other stove, it's my wife, Amanda, and more cold people,

We kind of hope that these guys sit around being bored with nothing to do...

"Why was I born so beautiful?!"

I told you not to stand on the wall!

Err... I've got this totally under control...

They're off!

I hope they all remember to tug their forelocks as they pass...

By virtue of taking a short cut on my bicycle, I get here before the first runner. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Never mind the runners, it's the marshals who are the real heroes!

First women, not that far behind the first men.

"I'm not stalking you, I'm just trying to run faster than you."

My true love again. She's not the fastest woman but she's doing ok!

Running across the field: big zoomy lens...

Running across the field: a bit more context...

Running across the field: ants...

Running across the field: how it looks to the naked eye!

At the finish: taking it seriously!

The glorious sight of the end.

Another intense chappie...

"After you, Claude... No wait, bugger that!"

I have a Latin O-Level, so I know what that means. I hope his kids do.

I'm not sure what that is on her head but I presume it doesn't disqualify her.

Amanda crosses the finish line.

Cake stall girls. If you look carefully, the one on the left is actually eating a piece of cake, but I was assured she'd paid for it,

It's my stove girl again. Sheer coincidence that I caught her, because she came in well after Amanda.

And finally, no runners but pretty bluebells ;-)


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