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Amanda and Claire slog it out (with a little help from their friends)

Ken, the race director, had kindly offered Amanda+friend a free place in the Surrey Slog as a thank-you for me providing some pictures for Runner's World (although they didn't actually use them for what turned out to be just one paragraph in a one-page article). Amanda was already signed up anyway, but we offered the +1 to Claire on the grounds that a hot day in the hills would be Pat's idea of hell, a mere half-marathon would be insufficiently life-threatening for Merilyn, and so forth.

So here's Ken, megaphone cocked and ready to fire!

Nearly all of the race takes place behind them, but first there's a loop up and around the school. That gives me just enough head start to get to a vantage point on the course before the first runners, otherwise the initial section is so narrow it's only fair to wait until after the last ones.

Amanda is the first of our dos amigas to reach the top of the first hill.

But Claire isn't far behind.

Holding position as they come down another hill...

...and then up the other side.

But what's this?! When I see them next, Claire's ahead!

Oh, and here's Dave of BVR, chasing both of them.

By the next pit stop, Amanda's taken back the lead! Can she keep it?

Sorry, doggy. Look as cute as you like, I haven't got anything for you :-(

I start heading back to the finish when the first and second ladies come through at the beginning of the last mile.

It's a bit of an obstacle race at times.

Out of the woods now. The finish line is just out of sight behind that bush.

Darn! Claire's done it!

Amanda is only a few seconds behind, but it's enough. Later Claire will tell us she was all ready to slow down until she glanced back and saw Amanda on a charge. Overtaking is impossible on the narrow track that comprises most of the last mile, so that was that.

Phew, they're still friends.

Swing that bling!

And here's Dave, being cheered on by some of his clubmates. BVR have quite a few here.

Well look what one of the marshals is wearing! Less than two weeks until this year's Wedding Day now, when we'll be on our bikes to Bushy Park again.

Finally, to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, for a picnic lunch and some curious objects! It's only about five miles from the race venue and we highly recommend a visit.

I think that's what they call a Grand Day Out.


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