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Are you feeling badgered?

A-badgering we will go...

What is Nicky doing with her phone?

Ah, maybe she couldn't get an autocue for Rob so she's texting him his speech...

Let the badgering commence!

Rob is videoing the spectators; perhaps they're easier because they don't move so fast.

A loop through the vineyard is just the thing to get everyone looking forward to the A24.

Ant of SSP engages in a little badger-baiting.

Just off the A24. The view in the opposite direction is rather different!

It's steeper than it looks in the picture, and the bit I'm on is even steeper, but obviously I've only got off my bike to take photos.

Past Norbury Sawmill.

Coming out of the woods for the last time before the descent back to Denbies.

At the finish, the fruit fairies are hard at work.

And it's a course PB :-)


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