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Fog on the Runway

Off on our bicycles to Richmond Park for the Human Race "Trick or Treat" 10k...

A cold and very misty morning in Richmond Park.

The modern witch has a smartphone and a walkie-talkie instead of a broomstick and a cauldron.

They announce that for the warm-up, everyone will be doing the most famous dance in the world. "Please, not Gangnam Style!" I think. But no, they mean the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Madame leads her class through the steps.

Here at the front, everybody joins in.

A bit further back, Pat and Amanda may be cackling like witches, but their dignity - or something, anyway - forbids them to actually dance.

And the race begins. It's not too clear in this small picture, but the woman in the lead (who will go on to be the female winner) is wearing headphones. She's far from the only one, despite the race director announcing loudly and clearly several times that they're banned on the course.

Here's our gels. Some people have made more of an effort to dress up than others.

And off into the mist they go. It rather fits the spooky theme.

Amanda appears from the mist. I've put my camera with the big telephoto lens back in the bag, because closeups of distant white fog are not going to be much use. It's only a few moments from somebody even becoming recognisable to them running past you.

Pat's right behind.

The fog certainly isn't lifting at all.

This is the 1k mark on the first lap, 6k on the second. While waiting, I have seen slow runners - well, walkers - on their first lap being passed by the leaders on their second. That means an expected time of maybe three hours! Given that there are 5k and 2k options available, it seems a bit odd to go for the 10 at that pace.

Strange men...

Strange women...

Cheering the runners on at the pumpkin station. There are several themed cheering points around the race, but this is the only one I see.

And finally Amanda rounds the last corner for the Trick or Treat finish.

She chooses the Trick.

Which apparently means having to put your hand in a bucket of green slime!

The finishing straight for Pat.

Who prefers a treat!

As you can see, I have rather let the side down in costume terms. Although Amanda had hers sorted well in advance, I'd been less efficient. I was going to pick something up at the local party shop on Saturday, but unfortunately most of the population of the Home Counties seemed to have the same idea and the place was absolutely heaving. Wimp that I am, I left them to it.

Until next time, then.



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