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Midsummer (for small values of summer) Munro 2015

Amanda wakes me up some time before I've gone to bed, or so it seems. We have an early start for the new version of the MM since the National Trust changed the rules.

So on a glorious June morning, everyone lines up for the off. Did I say 'glorious'? Sorry, I meant, err, well, yes, moving swiftly on!

At first, the men all run neatly in single file.

But as soon as they catch sight of some women, they're all over the place!

The advantage of the route change is that you get to run past the piper twice here. If you're not Scottish, that may be a disadvantage, of course.

The first guy is already pulling out a lead.

Her shirt says "Ultra Trail de Côte d'Or 2015". I looked it up. It's 105 km and nearly four Munros' worth of ascent and descent. But the weather was nice.

A stumble here could be very cold and wet (and make a great picture to entertain the rest of us). But he recovers without a problem, so no dramatic action shot here.

See, men can multitask. Crossing the stepping stones and posing for the camera!

First time at Juniper Top. Bet he won't have the energy for that the second time!

I think the cows may be the ones who need to do the minding...

Mustn't forget the marshalls.

Up the Eiger steps. What fun!

I explained to people that I had to stop to take pictures, not because I was completely knackered. Oh no, not me!

There's something wrong when the light at the end of the tunnel is actually at the beginning of the tunnel.

Back at Juniper Top, the weather hasn't improved at all.

But there's plenty still smiling!

Well, kind of smiling...

But at last, a sprint for glory at the finish!

First lady, along with some guy trying to muscle in on the photo.

First man, and that guy again!

Ah, the treasure that awaits.

And last, but so far from least that they're not even on the same Ordnance Survey map, Run Bitch triumphs! I'll tell you, it's hard work just spectating that race.

All the best,


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