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Postcards from Milford

Hi everyone,

Looks like Amanda and I each thought the other was going to put our email addresses on the list, so we're not there. But hey, now you can just click on "Add to address book" instead of having to type it in :-)

Anyway, as you will probably have gathered, I took a lot of pictures, and no way have I had time to do anything fancy with them yet. More will follow, probably after we get back to England in a week, but for now here's a tiny capsule summary of our Milford experience, just two pictures a day.

Hope you all enjoy,


Day 1

Farewell Queenstown

Glade Lodge walk with Kelly

Day 2

Looking out over the wetlands (as if there were any dry lands!)

Yes, Meta did go swimming in the Prairie Lake. If you'd heard a rumour and dismissed it as fabrication, now you know better!

Day 3

Kind of pretty and Christmassy (for us Northern Hemisphere types).

Ok, my lens was a bit fogged up here, but somehow I think that just conveys the true impression better :-)

Day 4

One of the longest and swingiest of the swing bridges.

What's that strange colour in the sky? It's on the tip of my tongue, I just can't quite place it...

Day 5

The dolphins just effortlessly cruise alongside the boat, jumping and having fun.

The waterfall that makes you wake up twenty years younger - as Amanda said, watch out Nadya!


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