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Tadworth 10

Slightly delayed by having to sort out my tax (boo spit!), here is the Tale of the Tadworth Ten...

While Amanda stays warm in the car, I get the job of braving the cold to go pick up her race number. I bump into Claire and Paul, every bit as contemptuous of the elements as I am!

We think there's a race out there somewhere...

Well here's the race. Now where's everything else?!

Amanda has a new running top with a hood!

I've seen ponytails. I've seen pigtails. But I've never before seen a warthogtail!

"We will now sing hymn number 1207, 'There's a way before us and a race to run'"

Think I'm making this up? Oh yeah?!

Hi-vis gloves shine through the murk!

Claire shows off her famous "pushing an invisible box" mime, which rumour has it she learnt from Marcel Marceau himself.

Oops, while I'm not paying proper attention, the first Dulwich runner is busy grabbing the V50 prize!

First sight of Amanda in the hazy distance.

Claire not far behind.

The final sprint!

And across the line. The mist has thinned a bit since the start and you can almost see for hundreds of yards!

Is Claire being pipped at the post?! But five seconds later she's happy again.

Standing around chatting after the race. But not for long. It's cold!

Finally as a bit of a PS, a small assortment of other Dulwichians Claire might like to forward. [Hmm... Boys of Dulwich College are called 'Alleynians', but I'm not sure what the correct general adjective for the locality and its inhabitants might be...]


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