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Woodland Woggling

"Woodland Woggle?"

"No, I think it's just the compression tights."

Ok, ok, I won't give up the day job...

This time last year, we were all huddled around the heaters in the shed!

Originally she trained as a ninja warrior before graduating to bacon-frying.

Another difference from last year, when the PA system consisted of Dave standing on a wall with a megaphone.

But we just can't keep him off his wall!

The bell rings and the Garmins beep.

Amanda is happy!

Clearly it's catching.

Off they go. Time for me to jump on my bike and head them off at the pass.

First man at General Pond, although I was expecting him from the other direction. According to my reading of the route published on the website, he's actually going round the wrong way, but the marshalls seemed to be expecting it so I guess maybe there was a change of plan.

And the first lady. Everyone seems to agree that they're circling the pond clockwise, so I guess it's just me...

The kissing gate will ruin your average speed, but it does stop people running straight into the road which can't be a bad thing.

Dave's brother needs someone to look after his donkey.

Well it's not woodland, so I guess this must be woggle.

What more need be said?!

Am I that scary?

I think she's the first Cani-crosser and the last as well.

"Are you really sure it's this way?"

Amanda's still happy, and with two minutes off her time from last year, so she should be.

Now that is cheating!

The welcome sight of the finish line: cakes and bacon butties ahead!

To the victors, the spoils!

And it's goodbye from me! Amanda saw the T-shirt when shopping for something else and just had to buy it :-)

All the best,


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