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Let's Slog Again, Like We Did Last Summer

Well, boys and girls, today we have indeed a motley crew as the Surrey Hills resound again to the sound of slogging!

I point my camera at him, he points his megaphone at me. I think this is what they call a Mexican Standoff.

The pre-race entertainment.

The BVR posse are out in force! Note that Dave is among those not wearing a BVR top, as apparently his have all shrunk in the wardrobe.

My own team is a bit smaller, true, but nevertheless perfectly formed.

The race start is delayed so that Bruce can finish pinning his number on; he might have got away with it but for Ken loudly announcing the fact through his megaphone.

Amanda and Claire are buried in the crowd at the start, but Nigel is near the back where it's thinned out a lot. We will later learn that he's never done this race before, so presumably he's being super-cautious initially.

The starting loop around Hogwarts: if you know what to look for, you can see Amanda and Claire. Perhaps there should be a prize for correctly identifying them.

Ok, I'll make it a bit easier.

And into the woods they go...

Cheekily advertising a different race!

Simultaneously running and doing a moose impression! Is there no beginning to this man's talents?!

Let's see if they're still this enthusiastic after a few hills!

The leaders are way too quick, even though I've only come about a third of the distance they have to get here.

Well there's a thing! From being near the back, Nigel has obviously got into his stride and is now ahead of the others.

Look out for number one! Claire's next, but at first I don't see her behind these two.

Amanda has nobody immediately in front, so she's easier to spot at a distance.

And here's Dave.

This is roughly the half-way point for the back markers, but the race leader is on his final leg with only a mile and half or so left.

Blimey! She may be close to last, but she's still full of beans!

I get to my last location in the woods just a bit too late and see Claire disappear down the trail. Nigel is presumably long gone.

At least I catch Amanda. I won't wait here for Dave or my ebullient new ladyfriend because I want to get down the narrow track back to the finish before it becomes too busy. There are several places where it's essentially impossible to pass and I don't want to get in anyone's way.

A kissing gate, a narrow track with barbed wire fences, and further down there's a stile. The race starts and ends with a bit of an obstacle course.

No funny faces now, he's dead serious as he sprints towards the finish line!

Well I'm glad somebody's pleased to see me!

And it's a final push for Amanda too.

Hmm... Is Dave taking a bow or is he about to collapse over the line...?

The undisputed winner of Beard of the Race!

And I leave you with this thought: Happiness is a Surrey Slog!


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