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More than just a Woggle!

Well, it's been a week, so today's race report contains additional bonus features!

This is our house, and as you can see, the wisteria is looking particularly fine. Pity about the burnt-out shell of a garage, the melted wheelie bins and suchlike, but you can't have everything... We have had better Monday mornings, though.

So this is our new temporary abode. If you know the area, you may recognise the Hampton Court Lion Gate on the right; yep, 'Enery's our next-door neighbour!

I did wonder if we could get Merilyn to sneak us into the Hampton Court Landmark, as the insurance company probably wouldn't run to paying for it in the normal way, but this will be fine for the time being. It's a simple but comfortable 1-bed apartment and only ten minutes from home down Hampton Court Way, so quite convenient.

And if one were standing here facing in the opposite direction, one would be looking almost straight at Bushy Park on the other side of the road.

What do they do in Bushy Park on a Saturday morning? Parkrun!

What has Amanda never done in her life? Parkrun!

Can we put two and two together...?

So here she is Parkrunning!

She may have been the last kid on the block, but she is no longer a Parkrun virgin.

And so we Woggle...

Just in case you aren't sure where you are, the Scouts have made a sign.

You may recall my Ninja bacon-fryer from last year; well this time she's brought her Mum!

If you've seen the film 'Calendar Girls', this may make you think the same thing we thought...

Lily Partridge, British XC champion and Rio hopeful, is going to be starting the race (although not participating, which is lucky for everyone else).

The race begins, with Amanda taking an early lead. Or is it just a cunningly contrived use of a small gap in the field to make it look that way? The latter, it must be said if we're being honest.

Am I man enough for these three?! "Look pretty, play dirty", her top reads.

Into the woods, first place is a Ranelagh man. So are second and third, it's a bit of a clean sweep for the Richmond boys.

First lady looking very intense, but number two is right on her heels, so she's got more important things to think about than smiling for the camera.

Amanda is being chased by men; maybe that's why she looks so happy.

She says she's afraid she's too slow going down the hill and they'll all fall on top of her; I tell her that they are clearly gentlemen who would never dream of doing such a thing, and fortunately they don't prove me wrong.

This field is always freshly ploughed at the time of the Woggle, and we've never seen what they actually grow there.

The finish line is marked by some rather stylish balloons. Other races take note!

Two minutes over last year's time, but the route was a bit different and the state her knee's been in she's absolutely delighted to finish without pain.

These two are happy just to have finished!

More lurrve is in the air.

This is supposed to be a picture of me by my shiny new bicycle, brand new on Friday and having its very first proper outing here, but it's a bit obscured by, amongst other things, me.

You may have heard about the French guy suing his employer for not making him work hard enough. If he joined St John Ambulance, he'd probably go round causing accidents to keep himself from getting bored. Fortunately these two don't mind a morning with nothing to do.

"Yeah, whatever. Can I get back to my Xbox now?"

Next race: The Ox. So until then,

Love to all,


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