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A Slog of a Blog!

The Surrey Slog, not to be confused with the Surrey Sloggi, which might be an underwear shop...

"Roll up! Roll up! Get your Slogs here!"

There's always one...

Ok, now we can start.

Well what do you know? This is our nearly-missed-it chap leading up the first hill! He'll actually take second place in the end to the guy behind him now, but this is the last we'll see of either of them as they'll soon be too far ahead for my short cuts to be short enough to get back in front.

And here's Amanda right in the pack.

Oops, who put that there?!

Amanda comes down the hill just a few moments too late to be confronted by a horse.

Of course, no sooner are you down that hill than you have to climb up another one. But it's a very pretty hill...

The Marcel Marceau Mime Club team are out in force.

See, here's another!

And seen through the trees, some who still need some practice...

Looks like the top of another hill!

Indeed it is: Holmbury Hill, 261m above sea level according to Wikipedia (and my GPS agrees). However, I'm sitting on top of the trig point, so call it 263 or so. Anyway, there's a fine view if you ignore all the runners.

He's stopping to admire the view himself, not because he's knackered from the climb up, good Lord no!

Another adventure-filled day for the medical team!

Right, let's head back to the finish.

Just one final obstacle...

Then down the really narrow bit (complete with a big muddy puddle it's impossible to avoid)...

And emerge into the light once more!


We have been neglecting our post-race star jumps lately. We will remedy that omission by the topiary.

So to Painshill Park, and after all that running around after runners, I need a little sit-down while Amanda can do the hard work of taking a picture.

Next week, we invade Dorset!

Love to all,


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