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Top Run II (is it as good as the original?)

Remember that Peugot ad, with "Take My Breath Away" playing as the car drives through a vast landscape of burning fields?

This was nothing like that, but it's still a brilliant ad anyway.

There's a distinct lack of F-14 Tomcats on full afterburner too. We don't do that sort of thing in Surrey.

We'll just have to make do with race director Rik wearing a flight suit under his hi-vis jacket and use our imagination.

Our bold pilots head to the carrier flight deck, also known as "just outside The Weir pub".

Thanks to the footbridge, we can attain a cruising altitude of several metres!

Under the radar - well, under Walton Bridge...

Now return to base.

And when we get there? The mission is not over: go around and repeat.

Some people are taking the theme quite seriously.

Rival navies cause conflict!

And at the sound of the bell, it's all over.

But we've taken flak from the ground!

And finally, "He's cuter than Tom Cruise" says Amanda.

So a short report, then, but eight laps back and forth on the same stretch of towpath would get repetitive fast.

Love to all,


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