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In the absence of races, we have to have a non-race report

Last Sunday, we had the Princess Alice Hospice Santa fun run in Painshill Park. Not a race in any real sense - no prizes, no times, just running in Santa suits because, well, running in Santa suits!

Off they all go. It's a bit dull and dismal weatherwise, but we've known worse. This is a small event, much akin to the original Bushy Park run in 2011 which has now grown hugely in size.

How does one go about recognising people when they're all wearing Santa suits? That can be tricky. The figure on the left of this picture is a woman of similar overall build to Amanda who gave me a big friendly wave as she saw me taking pictures. The figure on the right of the picture is Amanda. Fortunately I have not engaged in any embarrassing behaviour with Woman X first!

This is really the only one of Painshill's particular landmarks that the run passes through, so we'll have to improvise if we want a little more sense of the specific place.

Amanda can flash her special Xmas top in front of the Gothic Temple.

And so to this week, and as some of you will already know, I was dragged out in the wind and the rain to the fields of Denbies for my fifith parkrun. Obviously I wasn't taking any pictures, and neither was anybody else in the atrocious conditions, so the only record of the event is me sitting in the warm and dry car beforehand.

"Yes, darling, of course I'm looking forward to it."

But the other thing we did later was to go to RHS Wisley for the first day of the 'Glow' with Amanda's mother and her sister Dinah. Pretty! [The Glow, that is, it would scarcely be appropriate for me to make such a personal remark about Amanda's mother or sister.]

Not a lot of point in captions for the pictures, so I'll just serve them up straight. We've been several years now, and this is definitely the biggest and best yet, so definitely recommended.

Ok, a small caption for this one. You can probably guess who's who.

Next week, we're back racing again, with the Seaford Mince Pie 10 Mile.

Love to all,


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