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Nice Day For A Wet Wedding

Ok, so we've been having the hottest weather since the Permian-Triassic extinction event, over 250 million years ago - or at least since 1976, certainly. A beautiful evening in the warm sunshine beckons for the Wedding Day 7k...

Oh dear.

It's not too bad before the race; cool and rather overcast, but not actually raining.

By the start, though, it's definitely drizzling. I don't think Pat's going to have to worry about the heat after all, but conversely, I hope that Amanda won't have to worry about the cold!

At least the man from Ranelagh seems to like it!

At the finish, Amanda will later tell me that she didn't see Merilyn marshalling. Well now we know why: she's too busy racing the man from Ranelagh!

What's this though? Seems Pat's struggling a bit. She's barely off the plane coming back from holiday, and now realises she was maybe a bit over-optimistic thinking she'd need no time to recover from the flight.

Bernie's not running through injury, but he and his family are supporting on the finish line.

Clearly it's a lot funnier on Amanda's side than Carol's...

So, shall we have a cold and damp picnic in the park? No, we'll have our picnic at home instead. Much more sensible.

Then just as we're leaving, a voice calls out to us from the baggage store queue: it's Lindsay! We didn't know she was here, and I've put my camera away now, so no exciting action shots of her queueing. When we check the results, we will find that she was a couple of minutes behind Amanda, so I won't have any pictures of her from the main part of the course, and while I've got fairly comprehensive coverage of the start, she must have been completely blocked from view in the crowd. She'll just have to be the Invisible Woman for now.

In two days we have the Apple Pi run in Guildford. They've been warning us to make sure we drink plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen. I wonder if that advice will need revision...?

Until then.

Love to all,


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