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Reaching parts of Surbiton others can't?

This isn't really a race report, more just an illustrated journey around parts of Surbiton we've never seen before. I mean, we've only lived down the road for nearly 25 years, so we've got an excuse...

The occasion is the Stragglers-vs-26.2RRC mob match, about which we know absolutely nothing before arriving other than the fact that it exists. We're not the only ones, though. While I'm looking for a place to lock Amanda's bike for her, a chap asks me if I know anything about the race. "Nothing", I reply, to which his response is, "Well that's still more than me!"

I'm impressed by the philosophical depth here: I suppose if Socrates said (as he is believed to have said, although there is no actual evidence that he did) "I know that I know nothing", then knowing nothing but not knowing that you know nothing is indeed knowing less than nothing.

Ok, enough. Pictures follow with minimal commentary if any. Just enjoy the beautiful sights of Surbiton.


Channeling the spirit of Ceara!

You can't smell the photo...

Most of the marshals don't actually have the authority to stop traffic, but it seems we have a genuine policeman on duty here!


Hog's Back should get a proper race report, so till then folks...


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