Third Time Lucky!

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8 January - Santiago to London

Not exactly a long walk to the terminal: that's why we're here.

Well that's not our plane!

It's a replica of an RAF Bristol M.1, the only British monoplane fighter to see service in WW1. Why is it here? That's more tricky. Seems Chile got a bunch of M.1s in lieu of some battleships we were building for them but then commandeered for our own use. The original plane with this serial number became locally famous when, in December 1918, Lt. Dagoberto Godoy of the Servicio de Aviación Militar de Chile made the first known flight across the Andes mountain chain, from Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina. The replica is taken to displays around the country.

And no, I don't know any of this as I'm in the terminal taking the picture.

Ah yes, that's the one.

Our return flight is uneventful, there's no problem collecting the car at Heathrow, and while the M25 is a bit of a shock after the Carretera Austral, we get home without incident.

Only downside is that we now have to deal with all the paperwork for Amanda's mother. Better start planning another holiday to cheer ourselves up!

Love to all,


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