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1 January


On The First Run Of Brexit My BoJo Gave To Me – Virtual Knacker Cracker

18 April

Oh to be in Loseley, now that April's there! – Loseley Park 10k

25 April

Excitement in Angmering! – Angmering Bluebell Trail 10m

15 May

Into the Valley of Horehound! – Arundel Triathlon

30 May


If 'The Frolicking Unicorn' isn't a pub name, it ought to be! – Unicorn Frolic

25 July


Soggy Bottoms at the Slog! – Surrey Slog

14 August

Well Frolic Me! – WSR Cranborne Frolic

22 August

How Big is Big? And What's Half of Big? – Vitality Big Half